Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OHP & Wordless (Halloween!)

Happy Wednesday my friends! 
I worked from home yesterday so this week is feeling a bit mixed up for me. 
Glad we've made it to hump day, though! 

On this edition of Oh, How Pinteresting (as you might have been able to guess...?) I picked some Halloween related pins to share!!

What have you got going on for tonight?
If you are dealing with Sandy, I hope you stay safe! 
Personally, tonight I'll be hanging at home,
waiting for small, scary creatures to come knocking.  
And perhaps trying to get our dogs to sit still (in costume!!) for some pics.  

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest
This is a craft I think I could pull off.  I can poke holes in things!

Source: via Naomi on Pinterest
OK, LOVE this dog costume!  Mine are cute but this is clever!

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest
Ooh, another simple Halloween craft!  Glue and glitter, I can do that.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest
Wow, right?  Beautiful.

Source: Uploaded by user via Cynthia on Pinterest

This would be damn cute for a Halloween party, if I ever threw one.  haha

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

Favorite baby costume, ever!  hehehe

As always, the lovely Michelle is hosting OHP today.
She is in her final weeks of pregnancy, hooray for Baby Apple!  :-)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big Five Oh!!

Overnight I jumped past the 50 follower mark!!
In honor of that, and to thank all of you guys...
(seriously, to all 50+ of you, thank you for following along!! You guys are awesome.)
I thought I'd share this little beauty, ya know, to celebrate. :-)
Woo-hoo! Fifty!
Maybe when (if!) I get to 100 we can do some real celebrating with a giveaway or something equally fun and exciting.  :-)  
Thank you guys, again, for reading and following.  Love ya! 

P.S.  All you right coasters, I hope you are staying safe from Sandy!! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Weekend...

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Back to work I go...  :-( 
Weekend = Too Short.  Always

Hi guys.  What's shakin? :-) 
So this weekend was fun and too short.  Here's what went down. 

*DISCLAIMER:  My mom has been in Yellowstone (with no TV) for almost 6 months. 
I have been keeping a few shows on my DVR for her...hence all the TV watching. hehe

My Mom arrived!  
Friday night (before and after dinner) we watched the 4 episodes of Amazing Race that have been on so far this season. 
In between TV, we ate dinner at Lorna's. (Yummy local Italian place.)
Mmmmm, bruschetta. 

I got my birthday tires in the morning!  
While waiting for the tires, mom and I wandered around Target.  
I managed to NOT BUY ANYTHING (at TARGET?!?) But I did find a few books I want to read. (see below!)
We watched few episodes of Food Truck Race. 
Then, we watched the World Series!  {Our tradition for my birthday.  :-) } 
We had Thai food take out and watched a few more episodes of the Truck Race. 

Anyone read any of these...??  I liked their back covers. ;-)

Mom left early. :-(  
My MIL and I went to the Renaissance Faire with our black lab, Juliet. 
And then...
this happened.
Queen of the Fairy Princess Doggies. 
I'm pretty sure she loved it.   
(She couldn't sit still.  OK, she never sits still.)
Hi. I'm such a girly girl. Except when I roll in poop.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions

 Hola amigos! 
(Amigas? Probably. I doubt any guys are reading...but...just in case!) 

Linking up with the lovely Alyx today for.... 

Today I've gotta confess....

Tonight I will be rooting for the Tigers in the World Series game 4, even though I want the Giants to win it.  I don't want to see a sweep!  Not ready for baseball season to be over.  :-(
Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

I really need should go to the dentist, SOON!  My insurance provider changes so often that I haven't had a consistent dentist to keep me on regularly scheduled appointments. Like for 5 years.  :-(    I think they are in good shape, but I need a good cleaning.  

I didn't read (or write!) any blogs this weekend. Sorry guys!  But, I have an excuse, my mom was here to visit. :-)  I'm hoping to catch up on the reading in the next couple of days.  And, definitely, the writing!  I've got some fun stuff coming up!  (Dog costumes, my VERY FIRST giveaway!!, holidays, and lots of other ideas.) 

I'm kinda excited about being featured on Mish's blog this weekend! She lives here, in San Diego, and is a pretty cool chick.  She and her boyfriend are taking off on a round the world adventure soon!  If you don't follow her, you might want to.  ;-)  (And I am giving away some really pretty earrings!  Click over and enter!!) 

I'm tired...from doing nothing all weekend.  haha!   Not looking forward to the alarm clock going off tomorrow morning. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  
And anybody reading from the East Coast, stay safe in the face of Sandy!!

P.S.  Kristen @ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot's "700 Follower Celebration" giveaway is still going on, too.  
More cute earrings from me, and a bunch of other stuff from the other ladies!   
Click here to enter that one!  :-)  Good luck!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Letters and Fancies - TGIF

Happy Friday everyone!!  
I'm feeling a big, huge TGIF for today. 
Quick question, if anyone has an opinion... 
Kindle Fire or tablet (samsung or similar)
Anyone have both or already shopped both and made an informed decision?  
I'd appreciate any help!

Jumping into my letters quickly because I had my post almost done last night and my laptop, trying to get it done real quick this morning.  :-)

Dear Mom - Can't wait to see you tonight!   It's been kind of strange with you gone in Yellowstone all summer but we've got 2 solid days of eating and baseball watching coming up.
Dear BF - Thanks for getting my birthday tires this weekend, yay!  (Not a sarcastic yay, tires are a great gift when you are old like me.  haha)  And... I love you.
Dear Mortgage Company -  You are very frustrating and stressful.  I do not like you. At all.
Dear Readers and Followers - Hi guys!  And welcome to the new people!   Thanks for coming along!  Been a busy week for me but next week I've got plans for some new posts and fun stuff going on. Stay tuned!!  :-)


Today is a big celebration over at Long Distance Loving... Friday's  Fancies #100!! 

In honor of that I put together a party outfit that I'd love to wear for a holiday party, or New Years... Very fun and fancy and sparkly!  I love the pink champagne color and, even though they'd kill my feet, the SHOES! 

Party Time

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OHP, Wordless, and a Giveaway

I am participating in a GIVEAWAY (my first ever!!) with Kristen over at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!
She has surpassed 700 followers and a few of us ladies (her lovely sponsors) are helping her celebrate.  Click over and enter!!

AND, if you are HERE from THERE...Welcome!!
I am THRILLED to have you.  :-)

Happy Wednesday everybody!
Two (plus) down, two (plus) to go...which means we're halfway to the weekend! 
And it means it's time for OHP with Michelle at The Vintage Apple!  :-) 

I decided to go with random pins again today, although I had fun with the themes over the past couple of weeks.  Since NEXT week is Halloween I've got that one figured out!

So, today, random it is!  Hope you enjoy. :-)

I LOVE this whole collection from World Market. 

I can't think of a time when egg yolk would not be delicious. 


Love this idea.  
Freeze (food coloring) colored ice cubes and melt them in the bath for the kiddos! 

Dictionary shoes.  Clever! 


So true, gotta let things roll off your back. 
Trust me, I am old and wise.  

Hope everyone is cruising smoothly through the week!
It's been busy at work this week, so it's going pretty quickly for me. 
My mom is coming down this weekend to celebrate my bday so I am looking forward to that.  :-) 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Rewind & 10/22

Hi guys, happy Monday (if there is such a thing?)

So, this weekend....

My car hit 30K miles on the way home from work Friday.  
I am pretty sure it just passed 20K a couple months ago...
It was cloudy and drizzly all Friday (and Saturday)
My plumeria bloomed! 
I got my hair colored and trimmed.  
(And apparently one eye was trying to go to sleep.)

My boyfriend bought a leather suit for motorcycle riding.  It made me laugh. 

We made some (Americanized) Korean BBQ at home on Saturday night.  
It was a family affair.   :-)

Sunday we spent most of the day grumbling and going to Home Depot multiple times to try to fix the ice/water dispenser on our fridge.  FUN! (haha, NOT!!)  We finally got it put back together, pumping out water, and not leaking sometime late in the afternoon.   Then we made chile rellenos for dinner!  Yummmm. 

And.... TODAY is my birthday!  :-)    Unfortunately I have to work, but I'll be having some yummy birthday dinner later. And I am getting some (decidedly unromantic, but fully necessary) tires for my car from the BF this year.  And my mom will be coming down this weekend to visit and watch the World Series.  Yay! 

Me, Age 4 ...many years ago!

Most of the time I don't think a whole lot about my age.  
Sometimes, though, I can't avoid it....
Recently I went with a couple of my (significantly younger) co-workers to see The Bloggess at a book signing.  On the way there I mentioned that Soleil Moon Frye would be moderating the event.  They both looked blank.  (Ok, I thought, maybe they are too young to remember her name.)  "You know, Punky Brewster?"  More blank looks.  Ouch! 
Source: via hilary on Pinterest

Oh well, I'm getting old.  Nothing I can do to change it!
Hope everyone has a great week!
I may or may not be counting down to next weekend already.  :-)